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Sasamat Lake, near Port Moody BC, is an easy 50-minute drive from downtown Vancouver and just one of many semi-wilderness retreats that lie within close range of the hustle and bustle of our growing city. Travel less than an hour in any direction, and you’ll encounter Nature in a multitude of forms: coastal trails, lush rainforests, meandering creeks, snow-capped mountains, the Pacific Ocean.

The Sasamat Outdoor Centre offers year-round family camps, where guests sleep in rustic bunk houses, take meals at the central lodge, and engage in activities like archery, high ropes, and climbing. First thing in the morning is the best time to appreciate the full serenity of the scene. This is especially true at Winter Camp, when you’re bundled up and sitting on the pier behind the lodge, watching as fog descends from the surrounding hills and settles on Sasamat Lake like angel hair on a Christmas tree.

The name of our company, Sasamat Blue, is tied to that quintessential West Coast image, which for us also evokes a sense of adventure, potential, and discovery. Those qualities, along with all the skills and experience gained from decades developing HMI software for Rockwell Automation, permeate the work that we do.

Sasamat Blue understands the problems that are unique to the Industrial Automation market, where access to timely, accurate and reliable data is key to your success. We’re positioned and well prepared to deliver mobile solutions that take advantage of new technology to solve those problems in innovative and exciting ways.

Every day, something about living, working and playing in Vancouver exceeds our expectations. In business, it’s our goal to exceed yours.

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