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iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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A Cloud-hosted mobile solution for industrial data.

SasInform is a Cloud-hosted, extendable and fully integrated mobile client and server solution that displays real-time manufacturing, process and IoT data, and notifies iOS and Android devices when alarms occurs.


Client Projects




iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry
For Specter Instruments

An alarms and reports summary that fits in your pocket.

Stay informed and up-to-date with WIN-911 alarms and reports data without being tied to your PC.  Built for iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry smartphones, Mobile-911 is easy to set up. Simply enter your server address, send your unique Mobile-911 code to your system administrator, and you’re ready to receive and acknowledge alarms.

You can also run reports and view details, and share information about alarms and server status with your colleagues. And if necessary, you can modify server settings or add a secondary server on the fly.

Mobile-911. You can take it with you.

Application Features
  • Receive unsolicited auditory and visual alarm notifications.
  • Request all or only selected types of alarms.
  • View alarms in summary or individually.
  • Send alarm details via email.
  • Create, run, and refresh named reports.
  • Set up a secondary Mobile-911 server.
  • Check primary and secondary server health.


Mobile View

For Specter Instruments

A web application for monitoring and acknowledging WIN-911 alarms.

Mobile View is a web application for viewing and acknowledging WIN-911 alarms and for running reports configured at the WIN-911 server. Using credentials provided by a System Administrator, operators can log in to Mobile View from your browsers.

Application Features
  • Analyze alarm data in summary and detail views.
  • Receive up-to-date alarm status from WIN-911.
  • Acknowledge alarms with a unique ack code.
  • Request reports by number or from a list of names.
  • Set up secure user credentials.



For Specter Instruments

An alarm notification control for PanelView Plus and ME Station applications.

WIN-911/ME is a real-time Alarm Notification Management system for HMI applications running in Rockwell Automation’s PanelView Plus and FactoryTalk Machine Edition Station. Improve productivity by letting runtime operators keep track of Active Unacked, Active Acked, and Inactive Unacked states for up to 50 alarms.

Application Features
  • Monitor up to 50 WIN-911 alarms.
  • Receive alarm acknowledgements for active alarms.
  • Export tag and alarm data to WIN-911 for easy configuration.
  • Monitor connectivity with WIN-911.